We Listen.

The very first thing we do is listen to your needs as a business owner. We want to understand your biggest problem areas and what roadblocks you’ve hit when trying to overcome them.

We also never want to propose anything that you may have tried in the past, so it’s important for us to gain some insight into what marketing strategies you may have tried before, good or bad.

We want to enhance the ideas that have worked for you, assess why other investments may have failed, and create new marketing strategies that will drive revenue.


We Learn.

We love hearing about long term goals, big ideas, and what you’re passionate about as a business owner. Your story is what makes your business unique, which is why it’s important for us to hear it.

We want to learn as much as we can about your business, your team, and the clientele who continue to support your business. 

The people who work for you and buy from you are brand ambassadors that we would love to highlight and utilize in some form or fashion.

Before we can do that, we need to understand why they love your business, how they found you, and what will get them to become as dedicated to spreading the word about your business as you are.




We Inform.

Unlike other typical marketing agencies, we don’t want to control all of your marketing or force you to eventually rely on our services. We want to put you and your team in a position to succeed internally.

Our clients love working with us because we help implement systems that are simple, cost-effective, and most importantly – easy to learn!

Looking to market your business but don't know where to start?

We work hard to put you and your team in a position to succeed with your digital marketing.

Grande Media was able to slash our marketing costs in half, eliminating advertising that was no longer effective. They worked with different television stations and video editors to get us advertising on two different TV stations. We experienced record sales during this time period.

Kevin Durfee

Owner, George's of Galilee

Marketing can be overwhelming…

The good news is, You have options!

Marketing Consulting Services

Big Picture Strategies, Trainings, Best Practices, Competition & Market Analysis

We’ll help¬†you create and implement a series of systems that make it¬†easy¬†to execute and¬†assess¬†all of your marketing efforts. And when you need us again, we‚Äôll be there to help stir up some new ideas and continue growing with you.


Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Content Creation

We’ll help you identify the most engaged audiences and demographics that can be targeted with strategic ads and content. We will create, schedule, and optimize branded social media content that can be easily utilized.



Print, Digital, Radio, Television, Billboards, Social Media, Events, Signage

We’ll negotiate¬†the most cost-effective opportunities that yield positive results for your business. We can also create and execute new digital advertising opportunities that can be analyzed and measured.



Search Engine Optimization

Digital Presence, Keywords, Backlinks, Metadata

Potential customers are always searching for¬†solutions¬†to their problems.¬†We’ll help you get your website and business to show up on¬† Google and other search engines when people are¬†looking¬†for the¬†services you offer so you never miss¬†out on revenue.



Reputation Mangement

Google My Business, Yelp,
Trip Advisor

At Grande Media, we help our clients and their team members to capture as many positive reviews as they can through employee engagement,¬†incentive programs, and an enthusiastic team. It’s easier than you‚Äôd think.



Story Telling,  Content Creation, Consistent Messaging

Need a¬†new logo? Grande Media can help you create defined¬†brand standards¬†and¬†guidelines¬†to help your company show how awesome your business truly is.¬†And ‚Äď there are ways that quality branding can¬†save you money.


Marketing Analysis & Strategy

Competitor Analysis, Website Audits, SEO Overviews, Marketing Strategy Creation

Our initial work is often centered on understanding the voice & needs of the market. For new clients, we offer a reasonable rate for this initial work Рwithout long-term contracts. We aim to provide tangibles to help our clients communicate effectively to the consumer.  


Lead Generation

Digital Ads, Email Marketing, List Building

At Grande Media, we understand the importance of generating revenue for our clients. While design and branding are both important in the realm of marketing, without revenue to support our work together we know that our growth together relies upon your business’ ability to receive and convert new leads.


Recruitment & Retention

Hiring, Training, Employee Engagement, Internal Communication, Recruitment

First impressions are the most important. Think of your front line employees as the first line of defense standing guard protecting your brand. Each interaction with your customers is an opportunity to showcase your business and will reflect either a five-star or a one-star rating .


There is no cost for our first meeting. Let’s get you the results you deserve!