Christina Gatteri, CFPĀ 

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I am so happy to work with Grande Media! This team has been able to take my vision and turn it into a reality. They are incredibly responsive, they check in with me all the time to make sure we’re staying on target, and the work they produce is top notch. The best part is that all the work they are doing is producing results and my business has grown! I am excited to see what the future holds!

Christina Gatteri, CFP


Christina Gatteri is a Certified Financial Plannerā„¢.Ā  Her brand ‘Me Next Year’ is about remembering that life is always changing.Ā 

Christina Gatteri, CFP has been an active client since May of 2020



  • Laser target core demographics on social media while increasing potential leads + appointments for Christina Gatteri, CFP
  • Create and launch a new website with high-level SEO built into it
  • Identify the audiences and content that generates the best engagement, clicks, and leads for Christina Gatteri, CFP
  • Create, schedule, and optimize branded social media content that can be easily utilized on Facebook, Google My Business, and Instagram
  • Optimization of Christina’s Google My Business page



  • After finding usability issues in an audit of Christina’s original website, we designed a new website with visually pleasing content and SEO integration
  • Launched a new website for Christina on 07/06/2021. Within one week of launch she has had (3) qualified leads come through her site, all of which came through organic Google searches
  • Successful creation and implementation of social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Google My BusinessĀ Ā 
  • Custom Audience Creation for Christina Gatteri’s Facebook account
  • Optimization of Google My Business from an SEO standpoint
  • Assessment of social platform data and strategize future improvements/goals
  • Bi-weekly marketing strategy meetings

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