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HOW does my competitor have SO MANY reviewS?

How are they getting so many testimonials?

How can I tell if my marketing is working?

Where and what do I look for to track results?



What marketing is worth investing my money into?

Why should I take time to look at my competition's marketing?

We often suggest taking time to review competitors because it opens new doors of opportunity that both your business and our team may find valuable for the type of business that you run.

Often times we are able to find free listings and marketing strategies that may make sense for your business.

Why is it important to focus on the data?

We understand how investing money in assessing data can seem counter productive. But – as we always say – the numbers never lie.

If we approach marketing without data to support our digital efforts, the potential for success is diminished. We like to see what works, what could be working better, and what is causing you to potentially lose money. This information helps to refine our marketing efforts and gives us tangible goals to work towards together.

What is a website audit and how will it help us?

We often take time to review websites similar to yours to see how businesses conduct their lead-flow and present their services. After this audit we focus our efforts on things like load-speed, SEO optimization, and overall content.

We work to review your site in a way that can be tweaked with simple yet effective suggestions that we or your web designer can implement. We also work with web designers who can help make your site easy to manage, putting you and your team in control of your web presence.

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