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Interning for Grande Media was a very unique and beneficial experience. I was able to learn a variety of digital marketing techniques and skills that were foreign to me. As a communications major I was new to the digital marketing world, but Grande Media was able to help me build a portfolio to present to future employers. As a college student, this internship was manageable, educative, and fun!

Alexis M.
URI – Class of 2020


Interning with Grande Media taught me a wide range of digital marketing skills that I could not have learned in a classroom. James took into account which areas of marketing I was interested in and gave me projects that were best suited towards those interests, while also making sure I was learning new skills as well. This experience has prepared me for entering the business world and has expanded my knowledge beyond belief.

Emma K.
URI РClass of 2022 


This internship provided me with valuable skills and hands-on experience with clients. James was really involved in the process of my future employment and made sure I was prepared for what was to come in the application process! I can confidently say that the months we had working together enhanced my understanding of marketing and gave me a confident path to move forward on after graduation.

Lisa T. 
RWU – Class of 2020

Continuing Education

For the past five years, Grande Media has proudly partnered with The University of Rhode Island’s Center for Career and Experiential¬†Education, providing hands-on professional development for students seeking internships centered on marketing and communications.

New Beginnings

At the start of 2020, Grande Media proudly began providing Internships to Roger Williams University students, working alongside RWU’s Experiential¬†Learning Department.

RWU Internships Marketing

Finishing college can be overwhelming for some, myself included. However, after completing this internship I felt as though I was ready to take on post-grad opportunities. Overall, James is an excellent mentor and boss. His internship program has exceeded my expectations.

Alexa B.
URI – Class of 2019


Grande Media was a key part of not only my senior year, but my time at URI as a whole. I graduated feeling prepared and ready to take on the world of Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications.¬†I loved my internship and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Amanda D.
URI – Class of 2018


For my final semester at URI I had the opportunity to be an intern for James with Grande Media. I can honestly say that my involvement with this internship was unlike any other experience I have had at URI. James really prepared me for life after college and has made me feel more comfortable with entering the “real world‚ÄĚ.

Kelsey D.
URI – Class of 2018


James at Grande Media challenged me and made me a better student (and now graduate). He really has a lot to give to his students so that they can move on to big things. This internship was not just an internship. It was an enjoyable, challenging experience that I will forever be grateful for. It was an open door of opportunity that I am so happy to have walked through.

Kalyn H.
URI – Class of 2017


Are you unsure about the field of marketing and media? 

Afraid of getting coffee instead of real experiences?


Are you anxious about entering the
“real world?”

Our internships incorporate multiple resources that most students are unable to find in a classroom setting.

Grande Media aims to utilize its network of marketing professionals and business owners to further educate and prepare students for a career post-graduation through scheduled trainings and business meetings.

What you’ll learn about

By utilizing print, radio, television, and digital platforms, Grande Media focuses on generating tangible results for its growing list of clients.

We work hard to ensure that our students are involved in every step of the way.

Our goal for each semester is to identify and nurture areas of marketing where our students excel.

What makes us different?

Where other companies provide students with remedial tasks, Grande Media works incredibly hard to ensure each student’s internship experience is¬†personalized¬†and centered around¬†his or her own professional goals.

How we can help you grow professionally


Grande Media provides its team members with hands-on career training, portfolio management, and direct job market exposure through weekly, monthly and quarterly objectives.
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Sales & Proposals
Brand Awareness
Event planning & Execution
Television Ad Campaigns
Website Development & Management
Business Networking
Content Creation
Video Production
Press Releases

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