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Thanks to the training and guidance from Grande Media my staff now know how valuable it is to keep our online reputation the best it can be. 

Kevin Durfee
George’s of Galilee


Sick of seeing competitors with fake reviews?

Are bad reviews ruining your five-star rating?


Are you struggling to get your customers to review your business?

What can I do to boost my online reputation on review sites?

At Grande Media, we aim to put our clients and their team members in a position to capture as many positive reviews as they can.

Through employee engagement and an enthusiastic team, the answer to this question is easier than you’d think. We can help you get those positive reviews you want on Facebook, Yelp, or Google My Business.

How should I be responding to bad reviews?

Negative reviews often feel like a direct attack for most business owners. The first thing we recommend that you do is to detach your emotions before you click the reply button. Negative reviews can hurt your business big time Рbut bad responses will likely make things way worse for your business. So take a moment to think and reply in a positive manner. 

How do I get rid of bad reviews from Facebook, Yelp, or Google My Business?

On Facebook there is a simple setting to turn off reviews on your business page. This can be useful tip if your business is in the midst of a public relations nightmare. As for other platforms, we have a few strategies we can implement to your business to help you avoid a sea of angry customers and improve your online reputation.

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We want to help you develop and maintain a unified response to any and all consumer criticisms that translate into a positive result.

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